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Hi, I’m Johnny Joseph, founder of JJosephGlobalMarketing.com

We provide online training & marketing courses to companies and individuals alike so you can successfully run, improve and optimize your business, grow to a huge level of success and dominate your niche.

We have plenty of courses and new ones are being uploaded on a regular basis.

We want to provide you with a platform to get all the training you need and know that our online courses will offer you some of the best information to get the profitable results you are looking for in your organisation today, without spending a fortune.

We will be adding other categories in the near future, such as Self Improvement, Health etc. So you can look forward to having them added to your platinum membership.

Forthcoming Courses

The following courses will be available shortly with your platinum membership.

Paid Traffic

Product Creation

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Keeping things simple, our aim and primary goal is to give you useful information and the advice you need to catapult your business towards success.


Helping you to achieve your goals in a situation where everybody wins, being successful and achieving maximum results due to our efforts together.